'Titanic' Door Prop Sells at Auction for BIG BUCKS 💸💸

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  • The Door From The Film Titanic That Leonardo Dicaprio Couldn't Hold On To, Yet Saved The Life Of Kate Winslet, Was Sold At Auction. 
  • That piece of wood from the award-winning film sold for $718,750 at an auction recently held.
  • The second-highest piece of memorabilia sold was Harrison Ford's bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which cost $525,000. The third-highest-selling item was Jack Nicholso's ax from The Shining for $125,000. 

What piece of movie memorabilia would you love to have as your own? 

Theater Marquee with Titanic 3D Movie Poster

Photo: iStock Unreleased

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