105-Year-Old Eclipse Chaser is Excited to Add The 13th to His List

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A 105-year-old eclipse enthusiast from Texas is gearing up to witness his 13th solar eclipse on April 8, extending a lifelong fascination that has taken him across continents.

Laverne Biser embarked on his eclipse journey in 1963, trekking to Maine for his inaugural experience. Since then, he has captured these celestial spectacles through his camera lens, cherishing each moment despite the challenges of photographing against a dark sky.

One of his favorite photos he's taken was in 1979 during a solar eclipse in Williston, South Dakota.

His passion for eclipses has led him to traverse the globe, from Texas to Brazil, in search of these awe-inspiring phenomena.

Senior man looking at scenic view with telescope

Photo: Photodisc

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