Target Is Now Carding People For Zero-Proof Alcohol

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Target Cards For Zero-Proof Alcohol

·Target Is Now Carding Customers Who Are Attempting To Purchase Nonalcoholic Or Zero-Proof Alcohol.

·The move follows a recent announcement about the chain carrying the zero-proof alcohol brand Séchy.

·Analysts explained, “Target faces the dilemma of distinguishing which of the nonalcoholic drinks on its shelves must be sold to 21+ and which can be sold to anyone and there's a considerable degree of liability that follows even a single violation. From the perspective of a big retail chain with multiple locations and hundreds of employees in New York City alone, the safest move is to be over-inclusive and to require ID for all ‘nonalcoholic’ beverages, even if that specific brand genuinely has no alcohol.”

·Do you drink non-alcoholic cocktails or beer or wine? Which is the best?

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