Domino's Pizza Is Launching A New Program They Think You'll Love.

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Domino’s Introduces “You Tip, We Tip”

  • Domino's Pizza is launching a new program they think you'll love. 
  • Domino's will launch its "You Tip, We Tip" program on Monday. 
  • The way the program works is when a customer tips $3 or more, Domino's will, in turn, give the customer a $3 credit towards their next online delivery order. 
  • Tips are to be given and redeemed on an online delivery order to qualify for the coupon. Domino's is the first chain to tip its customers in return for customers tipping delivery drivers. 
  • What are your top pizza toppings? What are your thoughts on this new program? 
Pizza delivery girl with bundles of money and a pizza box

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