Google Is Adding Audio Emoji To Calls. 💩 Yep, Including That One.😮

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Google Phone Adding 'Audio Emojis'

  • Remember phone calls? They're kind of like a text message, except you can't use emojis. Well, until now.
  • Google Phone is getting ready to roll out 'audio emojis' that can be used in the Phone app.
  • Six emojis will be available at launch: Clapping, Laughing, Party, Crying, Drum, and - you guessed it - the Poop emoji.
  • The feature hasn't officially been released yet, but we could learn more at the Google I/O conference later this month.
  • What 'audio emojis' would you like to use?
Emojis emoticon characters vector set. Emoji emoticons in happy, shock, freeze, in love, funny and sad facial expression

Photo: iStockphoto

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