For the Low Price of $800 You Can Look Like You Peed Your Pants ⁉⁉

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First hitting the runway at Milan Fashion Week back in January, the British-Italian brand’s $800 pants managed to turn a classic embarrassing moment into a fashion statement, featuring a splotch that resembles a pee stain emblazoned across the crotch.

Jordanluca is a luxury fashion brand in the U.K., and they just introduced their new pre-stained jeans, that look like someone peed in them, and of course, they sold out in minutes.  We will never understand the world of fashion, and clothing like this makes us really not want to understand it.

A man standing in wet pants against the wall. Urinary incontinence is an increasingly popular disease affecting younger males. incontinence and wet pants. a dark spot on a light trousers.

Photo: iStockphoto

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