Tyra Banks Celebrates Turning 50 With Her 1st Alcoholic Drink EVER!?!

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Tyra Banks Celebrates Turning 50 With 1st Alcoholic Drink

  • Recently, Tyra Banks celebrated her 50th birthday by having her first ever alcoholic drink, which surprised many fans.
  • Tyra said about her first drink, "It wasn’t worth it. I was like, 'This is nasty!'"
  • She continued, "I felt it was a rite of passage to be my true self. I like to challenge misconceptions about aging by saying, 'Child, I’m 50!'"
  • She added about how she celebrated her big day: "My mom and my best friend surprised me there, and it was so magical. We took a seaplane and had a meal in the middle of nowhere."
  • What is your ideal way of celebrating your birthday?
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