Watch: Cat Travels 500 Miles In Amazon Return Package

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Cat Travels 500 Miles in Amazon Return Package

  • A recent 500-mile trip helped reunite a cat with its owner.
  • The thing is, it was via an Amazon return package!
  • Carrie Clark recently shared that her 6-year-old cat, Galena, went missing after possibly jumping into an Amazon return package.
  • An Amazon employee found the cat in the package and took her to a veterinarian, who used a microchip to contact Clark.
  • Clark and her husband flew from Utah to California to be reunited with the cat.
  • "When I got to hold her again, she stopped shaking and knew that I was there for her," said Clark. "It was such a miraculous moment."
  • Have you ever had a pet disappear and then come home? What was that like? What is the weirdest thing you have gotten in an Amazon package?
Curious cat inside the cardboard box, following the sounds outside.

Photo: iStockphoto

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