Chaka Khan Says Stevie Wonder Offered an Unreleased Song & She Rejected It

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Stevie Wonder Wrote One of Chaka Khan's Signature Hits After She Rejected an unreleased Song and Asked 'What Else You Got?'

  • During an interview with The Independent, Chaka Khan Revealed That Stevie Wonder Offered Up The Unreleased Song And She Rejected It “Come and Get This Stuff."
  • Chaka Khan told Wonder that she “didn’t like the song” and asked, “What else you got?” “I don't think he ever heard that at all,” when asked how often Wonder heard those comments. “I wasn't thinking about that. I can't help but say the truth. It sometimes upsets people," she said. “But if the truth hurts you, I can't help it."
  • Stevie asked, ‘What’s your birth sign?’ Aries,” said Chaka. ‘Oh, I have a song for you...’ After playing that ‘wakka-wakka’ on the keyboard, it was there,” Khan recalled.
  • Rufus' 1974 top three song "Tell Me Something Good," written by Wonder, was the result and ultimately successfully changed the band's dynamic.
  • Which Stevie Wonder song is your favorite?
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