Wife Puts "FUN" In Funeral to Celebrate Her Late Husband's Life & Legacy

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After Katie Young’s husband passed away from a stroke on May 17th, she decided against a traditional funeral. Instead, she hosted a "FUNeral" to celebrate Brandon’s life, complete with a bouncy castle, arts and crafts, and his favorite foods. Katie wanted her three children to have happy memories of their 39-year-old dad's sendoff, so she made the event a joyful gathering at their home with family and friends.

Guests left with pieces of Brandon's art and record collection as keepsakes. How does Katie think the event went? The Phoenix, Arizona mom said in an interview, “The best part of the funeral was that the children had a smile on their faces. They will only have the happiest memories from their dad’s funeral, instead of it being traumatic.”

Source: NY Post

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