Krispy Kreme Is Selling A Dozen Doughnuts For 87 Cents But Only For One Day

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Krispy Kreme Is Selling Dozens For Less Than $1

  • Krispy Kreme is celebrating 87 years in business with a big deal for customers.
  • On Friday, July 12, customers can order a dozen glazed donuts for just 87 cents.
  • To get the deal, you’ll need to buy any dozen doughnuts, including the current summer selections or Kit Kat Collection—at regular price, and you'll be able to get an Original Glazed dozen for just 87 cents.
  • Customers can purchase the doughnuts online using the code BDAY for pickup or delivery or directly in shops across the U.S. on July 12 while supplies last.
  • What’s your favorite donut flavor?
Homemade Krispy Kreme Style Doughnuts

Photo: iStockphoto

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