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Stray Dog Visits Sandwich Shop Every Day For A Free Meal

I think we all have a soft spot in our hearts for stray animals. And the story of this stray dog will melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time!

Every night, the same stray dog shows up outside the doors of a Subway restaurant. She waits patiently with hopeful eyes as she knows that in a matter of moments, one of the Subway workers will put on a pair of gloves and make a special sandwich, just for her. As a form of payment, the pup offers love and appreciation.

This doggo has not missed a nightly visit for the entire year, which earned her the nickname of "Subway Sally."

Recently, Subway worker and Tik Tok user Kxnuko, posted a video of the dog's heart melting routine. (Watch below).

Even though Sally knows she'll always have a free sandwich and water waiting for her at Subway, she still likes to try other restaurants in the area, like Taco Bell. Kxnuko explained “If we’re too late to give her food, she’ll go across the street to Taco Bell."

A few people were commenting that Subway Sally looked to clean to be a stray. Kxnuko later explained that the community looks out for her and takes care of her. A woman who runs a nearby flower shop occasionally grooms her and gives her a bath.

Sally's life on the streets of Portales, New Mexico, has been a bit of a crazy one. Since Kxnuko has worked at Subway, he's witnessed her give birth to four litters. He said “Multiple people have tried taking her but she never wants to go. I suspect she has a regular place to sleep and possibly care for her puppies.”

Watch the video below!

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