Human League singer denied entry to airport lounge because of her boots

You may not know the name Joanne Catherall but she is actually a Breeze artist.....Joanne is in the band Human League and she is trending today because over the weekend, she was apparently trying to get into the Qantas Club airport lounge at the Melbourne Airport and they turned her away because she was wearing Ugg boots! 

Apparently Qantas airlines considers Ugg boots "sleepwear" and as a matter of fact, when Joanne was denied access, the woman who told her she couldn't come in suggested she go buy some shoes at one of the shops in the airport!  

And by the way, Qantas does have signs that say "no sleepwear, including Uggs" in their airport lounges in Melbourne.

But you can imagine the backlash when Joanne tweeted about it!

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on-air! 

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