San Francisco "Full House" neighbors have a bigger reason to be upset!

Over the years you’ve heard us talk about the house from the show “Full House”…the actual house that they use in the opening credits in the show is on Broderick St. in SF and the neighbors are always complaining that their street is constantly packed with tourists. Now the neighbors are complaining about something bigger.

The producer of the show “Full House” (and the spinoff “Fuller House”),  Jeff Franklin, recently bought that house on Broderick. The rumor is he is going to remodel the inside of the house so that it looks like the set of the show (which is actually filmed on a stage in LA).

So now the neighbors are REALLY upset because the rumors about the remodel are bringing even MORE tourists to Broderick St. and the house!

One neighbor said they get 50-75 cars per hour, with 1,000 visitors or more on weekend days. They say the sidewalks are littered with trash, and parking has become next to impossible.


Jack and Carolyn talked about it on-air!

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