Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem and gets bad reviews! (VIDEO)

If you didn’t catch Fergie doing the national anthem before the NBA All-Star game over the weekendyou apparently missed out...or maybe not. 

Fergie sang the national anthem and social media went nuts over her performance (not in a good way). 

Fergie responded saying “I’m a risk taker. I tried my best.” 

She did sort of a jazzy blues the version which seemed to fall flat. When the camera panned to the players in the crowd, a lot of people were laughing at her attempt at changing it up. An expert said even the best opera singer in the world will tell you how difficult that song is to saying and you should just do it as is and try not to get tricky with it.

If you missed it, here it is:


Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen here: 

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