Remember actor Joey Lawrence from the 80's? This just happened to him....

Remember Joey Lawrence from the 1980's? Carolyn was IN LOVE with him when he played "Joey" on "Gimmie A Break!" and then starred in "Blossom" a few years later.

Joey and his wife just filed for bankruptcy. 

Joey and his wife only had $8,000 in the bank at the time of filing and just $60 in cash.

Their monthly expenses? $25,505.35 total, leaving them $18,539.35 a month in the red.

Joey and his wife also had $355,517.27 worth of liabilities — including $132,000 in credit card bills,$100,000 owed for automobiles, $88,000 in back taxes, $54,000 in unpaid rent and $32,000 for an unpaid loan.

To help their financial situations, they made $463 from purses and wallets on eBay; $1,836.70 from selling furniture at a consignment shop; and $4,323.10 for offloading used men and women’s clothing to Buffalo Exchange for $4,325.10.

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