Can You Help Our Listener Win The Opportunity To Sing The National Anthem?

We received this sweet note from one of our FAVORITE listeners today and we're hoping you can help her! 

Jenn in Saratoga is trying to win a spot to sing the National Anthem at the Reno Rodeo but she needs votes...YOUR votes!

Let's all rally together and help her!

Below is her note to the Morning Breeze:

Hi Carolyn.... it’s Jenn from Saratoga. 

Ok so I need your votes!! I’ve entered a competition to sing the National Anthem at the Reno Rodeo in June but I need your votes. 

23 people are vying for 12 spots and right now I’m sitting right at #12! 

Please share with everyone you know! I want this so bad!! Thank you so much for y’all’s support!!    

1. Please go to the link below

2. Find my photo(red shirt, blonde, black glasses... same as my FB profile pic)

3. Like my photo and your vote is counted!  

Thank you in advance for your support! 

To make it easy on you, this is Jenn's photo:

Click on this link and find Jenn and "like" her photo! That's all you have to do and thank you! The link is HERE!


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