Amazon Can Make Your Kids Say "Please"!

I like what Amazon is trying to do here and I think a lot of parents will too. 

Amazon has rolled out kid-focused skills for its Alexa digital assistant along with an $80 Echo Dot voice-controlled speaker designed for kids.

This gadget lets parents turn off voice purchasing, filter songs with bad words that their children might stream and set time limits to stop kids talking to Alexa late at night.

Kids can ask for a song or knock-knock joke AND, a new "Magic Word" feature encourages kids to say “please” when asking Alexa questions. For $3 a month you'll get audible children’s books and kid-friendly music stations. 

This will roll out May 9th.

For more information, click here.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen here: 

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