Thousands Of Undelivered Letters Between 1650 And 1815 To Be Posted Online!

Talk about a rare find!

Thousands of letters from all over the world were apparently never delivered between 1650 and 1815 and now, hundreds of years later, we are going to be able to read those letters!

During that particular time, Britain was involved in a series of wars, and when they captured enemy ships, they seized about 160,000 letters in mailbags that never made it to their intended recipients.

The National Archives of the United Kingdom will digitize the letters and make them available to us online!

And, because many of the letters were sent during wartime, a lot of these letters have heart-wrenching stories. Some say things like:  ‘I’ve written three letters, I haven’t heard from you. Are you still alive?’

And it’s not just letters in the mail. Jewelry and beads and grains of sand that were used to blot ink back in the day have been found in these envelopes too!

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