This Little Girl's Reaction To Hearing HQ Trivia Call Out Her Name!

Do you play HQ trivia by chance? 

I'm obsessed with it! 

I play every day at work with a team of co-workers and then when they have games at night or on the weekends, I play solo. 

If you don't have the HQ trivia app, download it immediately. It's free and you can win money! It's usually 12 questions and sometimes over a million people play at a time. There is a pot of cash that the winners split. We won at the office a few weeks ago and our team collectively won $1.07 but heck, it's really about the pride of winning! 

Anyhow...I stumbled upon this video and had to share. Whether you play the game or not, you have to admit that this is adorable. 

The host of HQ, Scott Rogowsky, called out this girl's name before the game started and her reaction is PRICELESS (also, special note to make sure you watch her brother's reaction too). That made me laugh out loud as well! 

Enjoy and see you on HQ! 

-- Carolyn McArdle


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