5 of the Most Surprising Groceries You Can Get at Costco!

I mean come on....who DOESN'T love Costco? You can get almost anything there! 

But there are also plenty of things that Costco carries that you might not even know about! Here's a list of five of the most surprising Costco finds:

1. 100-Calorie Vodka Cocktail Popsicles

Skinny Freezers by Slim Chillers are eight-percent alcohol. They come in four flavors — Appletini, Lemon Drop, Watermelon Lemonade, and Cosmopolitan and Costco is offering them in variety packs for the summer. 

2. Pre-Prepared Organic Spaghetti Squash

This is so smart! It's a six-pack of cooked and shredded spaghetti squash. It might look kind of funny but it tastes great! 

3. Nutristore 1-Year Premium Meal Kit

Last fall Costco launched this emergency kit, which can feed four people for up to one year. It's non-perishable and includes 600, one-gallon cans of all sorts of things like pasta, freeze-dried corn, dehydrated apples, instant milk, and more.

4. Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Loin Roast

Wagyu beef ...13 pounds of it — for $1,200. We hope you're hungry!

5. Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Celebration Cake

Wheels of cheese stacked into a makeshift wedding cake!  It costs $440, but at least the price includes free shipping and handling!

Would you have guessed with ANY of these????

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