Landlords Are Using Creative Tactics To Get You To Rent Their Units!

Apparently there is a "thing" that is happening when it comes to the housing rental market that is starting to trend more and more across the nation.

The U.S. apartment market suffered its worst spring since 2010 and understandably, some landlords are going into a panic trying to figure out how to get people to rent their units! 

So now, landlords are getting creative and offering tenants incentives including as many as three months paying no rent, free parking, credit for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, and Amazon gift cards for as much as $2,500!

One renter was quoted as saying "A lot of my expenses would be covered for the year (with the Amazon gift card), which would be fantastic.”

We kind of like the idea. What do you think? 

For more information, click here. 

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen here: 

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