Watch This Missouri Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge To Adele!

posted by Carolyn McArdle - 

So many law enforcement agencies are getting into the Lip Sync challenge that is sweeping social media and they're doing a great job! 

The San Francisco Police Department did a FANTASTIC video the other day that we couldn't get enough of. (If you missed it, click here.)

We love this one from the Ballwin Police Department in Missouri because they sync'd it to one of our favorite Breeze artists, Adele! 

Great job to the guys and girls of the BPD! 

BPD Lip Sync

After many requests and a lot of fun, we present to you our lip sync video! We challenge our partners to the east at Manchester Missouri Police Department to participate in the viral video craze. Disclaimer: we are not the owners or artists who created the music you hear. That would be Adele.

Posted by Ballwin Police Department on Thursday, July 19, 2018

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