California May Soon Let Kids Sleep In On School Days!

A bill passed by lawmakers last week would ban crack-of-dawn classes and move start times at middle schools and high schools to 8:30 a.m. or later. And many health experts are saying it’s a smart idea.

60% of middle schoolers and 70% of high schoolers are scraping by on too little sleep, according to a recent position statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — in part because kids are forced to report to class too early.

The study found when kids don’t get the sleep they need, it can cause poor academic performance, drowsy driving, depression, loneliness, social isolation, addictive behaviors and weight gain, obesity and hypertension.

Researchers found that just one extra hour of shut-eye each night is correlated with a 13.3 percent greater chance of a student graduating high school and a 9.6 higher chance of a student attending college — meaning far greater earning potential for well-rested kids.

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