Nurse At Luciele Packard Reunited With Patient 28 Years Later!

A Lucile Packard Children's Hospital nurse was just reunited with a patient that she cared for 28 years ago!

The story about how they were reunited is really neat!

28 years ago nurse Vilma Wong was the primary care nurse for a newborn who was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) after his mother's emergency C-section. His name was Brandon Seminatore, and the tiny baby boy weighed only two pounds and six ounces.

28 years later, Wong was working a shift earlier this month when she saw a new face in scrubs near one of the incubators. She asked the man his name. "Brandon Seminatore," he responded.

She thought his name sounded familiar and then finally realized, he was the baby that she cared for 28 years ago! 

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen here: 

The Morning Breeze

The Morning Breeze

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