Woman Covering Missy Elliott In Karaoke Winds Up On Ellen!

Last month a video went viral on the web that I was completely and totally obsessed with. It was of a woman named Mary Halsey who was at a BBQ, clearly the karaoke machine was in full effect, and Mary got up and did Missy Elliott's "Work It."

I could not get enough of this video! Mary is REALLY good and the video was a hoot to watch!

I remember after I watched it for the first of about 50 times, I said to a co-worker, "Ellen needs to have this woman on her show." 

Yesterday, it happened!

And to make it even better (which I didn't think was possible), Ellen had a surprise for Mary when Missy Elliott joined her on stage! 

Enjoy this goodness! 



If you never saw the original from the karaoke party, here it is! 


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