Gecko Causes Panic At A Hospital In Hawaii!

A Hawaii Marine mammal vet (Dr. Claire Simeone) was at lunch when she got a call from the Big Island hospital where she’s a director. There was no one on the other end so she hung up. Then another call. And another. She rushed back to the hospital fearing the worst! 

Apparently she wasn't alone. Other people were getting dozens of calls from the hospital, yet with every call, there was no one on the line! 

The phone company couldn't help her solve the problem. Then she walked into a lab at the hospital and there, perched on a phone was a gecko!  She walked into a lab and found the culprit. The gecko was perched on a phone, making calls to everyone in the recent call history! 

The woman then caught the gecko and put it outside on a plant.

End of problem!

Check out the tweet Dr. Simeone sent out about what happened! (Below)


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