Man Finds $1 Million Lottery Ticket When Cleaning Out His Wallet!

A man from Connecticut was cleaning out his wallet the other day and found a Powerball lottery ticket that he had never checked and it was worth $1,000,000! 

The drawing was on May 2nd, 2018 and only 23 days remained before the ticket was due to expire, and the winner had yet to step forward.

He said he had stopped at a liquor store to buy an ice cream, while he was there, he bought the Quick Pick lottery ticket. 

Here we are, just over 5 months later and he's cleaning out his wallet. He finds the ticket stuck between a number of old receipts.

He went to the Lottery website and checked the numbers. They matched! He didn't believe it so he checked it over and over again. Then he checked to see where the winning ticket was sold. Yep, it's where he purchased it! 

"I checked the winning numbers on the Lottery's website and couldn't believe it. I checked it over and over. The numbers were a match. It didn't feel real, though, until I checked the location of where the ticket was sold. It was where I bought my ticket."

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen here: 

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The Morning Breeze

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