The Two Most Dangerous Places To Take Selfies.

More than 250 deaths between October 2011 and November 2017 can be linked to selfies according to a recent study.

The deadliest place to take a selfie?


There have been at least 70 selfie fatalities due to drowning during the 6-year period. The deadly incidents include people getting swept away by waves, ignoring safety warnings on beaches, and being on boats that have capsized.

Just as dangerous, or even more so, are selfies taken from elevated places.

The study cites 48 deaths from "falling" that resulted from 41 incidents — that's a higher number of fatal incidents involving selfies than drowning, even if the overall death toll is lower.

To reduce the number of selfie-related deaths, researchers suggest that cities and other public entities designate certain places as "no-selfie zones"  In Mumbai, authorities have marked 16 places as off-limits that they deem to be most risky for selfie shots.

The bottom line is just be careful before you take that (risky) selfie. 

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