Something Strange Fell From The Sky In Chico Amid The Burning Ash!

Nicole Kowalczyke of Chico is in Chico and when the fire in Butte County started on Thursday morning, around 9am, she stepped outside to look at the smoke.

She said "It looked very ominous ... and then this piece of paper came from nowhere. It was kind of like a leaf ... how they fall down."

The paper was singed, covered in type and clearly looked like a page from a book.

On closer inspection at the words, she quickly realized it was a page from some sort of fire manual as it includes information about fire hose pressure! 

The image of her holding the burnt paper is now going viral and becoming a symbol of a wildfire that devoured more than 5,000 acres in only three hours, leading to the evacuation of thousands.

Of all things....


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