Man Rescues Neighbors And Animals From The Camp Fire In His 2-Seater!

Jacob Jones was one of the thousands of residents who fled in their cars as the Camp Fire raged through his town. 

Jones grabbed what little he could in a short amount of time, but he wasn't leaving alone. 

Not only did he grab his kids and put them in his 2-seater but then he picked up neighbors, friends, their children and pets then took off in his 1991 Honda Civic  he calls "Betty White." 

They all rode in the back. 

He said, "It was terrifying, I couldn't let the kids see that it was terrifying, we all tried to keep it together because we didn't want the kids to lose their cool." 

As they drove through the flames of fire, suddenly the smoke cleared and the flames were gone. 

"It was just eerie and that's when it became real when we were out of it and we can look back at it," he says.

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