Here's How San Pablo PD Is Making High Speed Chases Safer!

The San Pablo Police Department has installed the StarChase vehicle-tagging GPS system in 10 of its 20 vehicles. It's a technology that allows officers to track high speed suspects' vehicles without tailing them at 100 mph.

The department says by doing this, it will help reduce the number of high-speed pursuits that are inherently dangerous to officers, passengers in the car, citizens, pedestrians and bystanders.

The technology is basically a dart gun that heats up glue inside it. A laser dot appears on the target, the officer fires and this GPS dart hits the vehicle and sticks, allowing the tag to begin broadcasting the vehicle's position to a dispatch center as the officer breaks off the chase.

The range of the air cannon is about 20 to 30 feet to be effective.

This technology has been used in other departments and it's been effective, which is why the San Pablo PD bought in.

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