Facebook Says Some Online Quizzes Were A Ploy To Hack Your Account!

You know those quizzes on Facebook that you take (for fun) that tell or ask you things like "this is what color your aura is" or "what animal are you?"

It turns out, those quizzes might actually be fake and even more so, hackers might have been stealing your information while you were taking those quizzes!

The quizzes were created by two Ukrainian developers who were gaining access to private user data without user knowledge. While you were taking the quiz, a malicious malware browser extension was in the background scraping data and giving the information that the hackers want to be able to sell on the black market. Information like names, ages, photos, and your private list of Facebook friends.

Experts recommended to us that it's wise to Google any game, article or quiz separately before clicking a link in your news feed.

Here are just some of the quizzes that you may have taken:

“Do you have royal blood?”

“What does your eye color say about you?”

"This is what color your aura is"

"What animal are you?"

“You are yin. Who is your yang?”

“What kind of dog are you according to your zodiac sign?”

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below!

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The Morning Breeze

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