Ed Sheeran Was Bullied As A Kid And Here's Why.

Ed Sheeran opened up about being picked on when he was a kid. He hated primary school and cried every day. 

During an interview, Sheeran said, "Well yeah, because I was ginger so I was instantly ripped into from the day I started school. Ginger, had a stutter, wore huge glasses, just a bit odd, but then as I got older I kind of loved it.”

Sheeran now encourages young people that it's ok not to fit in. He said, "I have always looked a little bit quirky and I never had much luck with girls, it was always like I looked a bit weird. But then when I started playing music, every time I would do a gig everyone was like, ‘oh, it’s the ginger guy with the small guitar,’ and you get remembered for that."

He continued, "And then suddenly you start gaining a bit of attraction because you are memorable. The thing I always say to kids now is, it’s great to be weird.”

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