Why Rewatching Your Favorite Shows Is Actually Good For Your Mental Health!

There is a science to watching your favorite T.V. shows over and over again, shows like "Friends", "Martin" and even "Breaking Bad" give us a sense of familiarity that is nostalgic.

For instance, if you fell asleep nightly to a certain television show while you were younger, your more adapt to watch the same show because it gives you the feeling of relaxation and calmness.

In a study at The University of Chicago, it was determined that by not exposing your mind to new content, no mental work being done and you can fully enjoy what you’re watching.

The nostalgia of re-watching your favorite shows also gives you different perspectives on characters, characters you agreed with when you first started watching the show as you grow older you perspective about them may change, adding to the enjoyment of sitting down with familiar faces.

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