Charmin Unveils Giant 'Forever' Toilet Paper Rolls That Last A Whole Month!

Charmin has unveiled a new "Forever Roll" which reportedly holds 850 sheets for a single-user roll, and 1,700 sheets for a multi-user roll! It could apparently last up to a month!

The Forever Roll is so big it even needs its own dispenser. 

According to Charmin, a single-user 8.7-inch diameter roll costs $5.49 per 1.25-pound roll for a one-time purchase, or $4.39 per roll when you sign up for a subscription. 

There also are starter kits and a free shipping offer.

With a starter kit, shoppers can buy three multi-user rolls for $29.97 and will get a free toilet paper stand.

The single-user starter kit is $16.47, including the stand.

The Forever Rolls are also available on Amazon and at Walmart. 

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