Tesla Feature Helps Bay Area Man Catch The Thief That Broke Into His Car!

An auto burglar was caught on camera and then caught thanks to one of Tesla's latest software updates.

Jed Franklin was parked along the Embarcadero in San Francisco last week when he got an alert on his Tesla app that Sentry Mode had been triggered.

Sentry Mode was offered to Tesla customers as a software upgrade in February. It uses the cars cameras to switch on and record whenever there's a threat such as a person leaning on the car.

Jed was able to capture in full view a suspect pulling up in a white sedan in front of his Model 3, get out of the vehicle, sneak around to the passenger side and use a small tool to break into a backseat window.

Jed was able to provide the information to San Francisco Police who then arrested the man that broke into his car.

SFPD said no doubt the Tesla video helped catch the man.

Photo: Getty Images

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