Costco Secrets Revealed!

Do you ever notice that when you shop at Costco, every time you go into their stores, the items that you regularly buy are in different locations?

A former Costco employee revealed that Costco does that on purpose. He said moving the items creates a 'treasure hunt' experience as you shop and helps you discover new products that you may not normally see on your shopping visits.

And moving stuff around isn't the only strategy Costco has up its sleeve. The lack of signage within the warehouse is also meant to encourage people to explore.

Finally, Costco tends to keep fresh food and essentials in the back of the store to draw you in. Meanwhile, many Costco employees place the store's biggest bargains in the "center court" of the store. The most expensive temporary displays tend pop up near the store's entrance.

Happy shopping!

Photo: Getty Images

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below.

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