Mountain Lion Spotted Running Near Santa Rosa Mall!

A mountain lion was spotted sitting in the planters outside a Macy's department store in Santa Rosa, and then running, as Santa Rosa Police and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries tried to capture him.

Once the cat was tranquilized, Dr. Quinton Martins with the the Living With Lions Project was called to tag the cat's ear.

So how did he end up at a shopping center?

Dr. Martins says there's no way to know for sure, but he believes the cat is a young male who might have been roaming through the creeks near mall.

“It might've just been circumstances -- looking around cruising around the area and might have gotten caught off guard at that time,” he said.

Dr. Martins says if you ever come into contact with a mountain lion, you shouldn't be too worried.

“They are skilled predators, but a study shows in over 100 years, only 16 people have been involved in fatal attacks as a result of mountain lions in the whole of North America,” Martins said.

But whatever you do, never run.

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