What Steph Curry's 8th Grade Basketball Coach Says About Him!

James Lackey is a name that you might not know...but you should.

James was Steph Curry's 8th grade basketball coach!

Perhaps not the only Dubs fan in Toronto, James is perhaps the Torontonian most closely linked to the Warriors star. He and his wife, Tabitha who now both work at Brampton got to know the Curry family closely when Steph's dad Del played with the Raptors.

Tabitha remembers his humble nature and character. How Steph was happier when his teammates scored than when he did.

Coach Lackey doesn't think he had any impact on Steph during their short time together-- but Steph sure changed his life.

"Every coach hopes their players will be great-- Steph is someone every coach dreams of."

The Lackeys go to at least one Warriors game a year and every single time when Steph sees him and his wife in the crowd, he'll take time to stop and chat and hang out after the game.

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