Kid Bakes Cupcakes And Raises Money To Take His Family To Disney World!

Meet 14-year-old Isaiah Tuckett who took up the art of baking just as the only bakery in his town of Madison, Minnesota was closing. That made Isaiah the only baker in town.

His mom Cheri taught him how to bake. He definitely had a skill for it!

Then a family friend asked him to bake cupcakes for a graduation. Isaiah began selling his cupcakes at $20 per dozen for birthdays, graduation parties, proms, reunions, funerals, and weddings.

Isaiah's family had never been to Disney World and he really wanted to take them. He was able to pull together $4500 and pay for airfare, hotel, and the tickets to the park for his entire family!

He's truly a gem and Jack and Carolyn got to talk to him and his mom on the show!

Listen below!

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The Morning Breeze

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