Sarah Haynes Talks About The Rescue Efforts Of Hiker Amanda Eller!

You may have heard the story about Amanda Eller who is a 35 year old physical therapist who set out to go on a 3 mile hike in the Makawao Forest in Maui. She stopped about halfway through to meditate and got lost immediately after. She had no cell phone. No food. No water.. She had only eaten an RX bar and a superfood smoothie that morning. She survived 17 days and when a lot of people might have given up hope, her family and the media and her friends kept the faith and kept searching for her. 17 days later, she was rescued.

Sarah Haynes is from the Bay Area and lives in Hawaii and knows Amanda through friends. Sara was a HUGE part of the search and rescue efforts. (By the way, Sarah owns Kitty Charm School in Mill Valley!)

Sarah talked to the Morning Breeze about Amanda's rescue! Listen below:


Below is Amanda Eller's press conference if you haven't had a chance to watch.

The Morning Breeze

The Morning Breeze

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