7 Common Cleaning Hacks You Should Never Try, According to Experts!

The internet is filled with tons of click-baity headlines about cleaning hacks that make your life easier, but experts agree, some of them just plain don't work. 

Newspapers were once ok for wiping down your windows, but now they'll just cause streaks and spots, according to Brad Roberson, president of Glass Doctor. Meanwhile, Mr. Appliance's Ron Shimek says the age-old odor removing trick of putting baking soda in the fridge barely does anything.

Bleach tablets in your toilet can actually damage the parts inside, and dropping a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser inside the tank is useless, reveals Leanne Stapf, COO at The Cleaning Authority.

Diluted vodka in a spray bottle is far more effective at trapping smells than artificial air fresheners and dryer balls just make a lot of noise, admits Christine Dimmick, author of Detox Your Home.

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