Novato Family Loses Everything In A Fire. Help Us Help Them.

On July 19, a fire forced Sean Perry and six of his family members from their two-story townhome on Sunnybrae Lane in Novato. 

Sean said the flames started behind the refrigerator around 1:30 a.m.

They lost everything.

Just hours later and with no place to call home — the family car’s then broke down. It will cost them $800 to fix it and that's money that they don't have.

As the debt mounts, the school year is looming for two of the boys.

“The only thing so far they’ve been able to get is somebody is giving us backpacks, but other than that they lost all their school clothes everything,” Ilya (Sean's wife) said.

“They have nothing so like go to school with the same clothes on, I don’t know,” Sean said. “I don’t know. Kind of makes me want to cry.”

If you'd like to make a donation to help the family out in this time of need, click here.

Jack and Carolyn talked to their mom, Ilya. Listen belo

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