San Mateo High School Is Among The First In The Country To Go Phone-Free!

Students at San Mateo High School, going forward, will receive a locking device for their phones when they arrive at school every day. It's not unlocked again until the final bell rings. The procedure will repeat every day for the rest of the school year.

Adam Gelb, the assistant principal ran a pilot project last year with 20 students and decided to do a school-wide, bell to bell program for this school year. He wants students to be more present and in the moment at school. Another teacher at the school said phone use was becoming excessive and some students were so obsessed with them that they wouldn't even socialize with other students because they were constantly on their phones.

Guess what? It's already making a difference. Kids are socializing more and eating meals together at lunch.

Several students have admitted that, while they were panicked at first, now they are realizing how dependent they were on their phones.

In case of emergency, every classroom has an unlocking device. Teachers still have access to their own cellphones and landlines.

How do you feel about the school locking up their phones?

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below:

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