How Jack Kulp's Wife Got Through TSA After Losing Her Purse!

Jack’s wife Kim lost her purse during an East Coast trip last weekend. Credit cards, driver’s license all gone. The worst part was that she had no ID for her return trip though the TSA checkpoint. Jack and Kim showed up at the airport extra early. Jack got through the checkpoint with no problem. A female TSA agent took Kim to a private room for an interview and pat down. Fortunately, Kim had a copy of her passport in her carry-on.

While a COPY of the passport couldn’t serve as a valid ID, it did speed up the process.

In the meantime American Airlines sent Kim an email saying they found her purse, and it’s on the way back to the Bay Area.

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below:

The Morning Breeze

The Morning Breeze

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