Thieves Are Using New Technology To Break Into Cars In This Bay Area City!

Criminals in Vallejo are using devices to track down Wifi or Bluetooth signals from devices like your phone, computer, smart watch and more.

Basically that means that even if your electronics are hidden in your car, thieves can still find them.

Vallejo police are looking for several suspects involved in a burglary last Friday. 

Police say the suspects used devices to locate electronics left in cars that are sending out Wifi or Bluetooth signals.

So even if you have your device is hidden in a center console, thieves can still find it as long as the bluetooth or wif-fi is turned on.

The Vallejo Police Department say it's happened several times.

On top of locking your cars, it’s an important reminder to also take all electronics and valuables out of the car with you.


Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below:

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The Morning Breeze

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