This Hack Makes a French Manicure Look Incredible on Short Nails!

A hack is gaining popularity with women who love short nails and french manicures. No longer do you have to have long nails to sport this classic style. 

A french manicure gradient doesn’t have a sharp white edge the separates the nail bed from the nail instead it gives the illusion that the white tip is longer as it fades into the nail bed. 

To achieve this look, you'll first need to use a good-quality base coat like Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat ($9) and then apply a light pink or neutral color like Essie Skinny Dip ($9) as a base color. Once dry, take a makeup sponge and begin layering the pink and white, such as China Glaze Cabana Fever($7), onto the sponge, overlapping a little. Sponge off the excess onto a piece of paper, and begin dabbing onto the nail. You'll need to build up a few layers until you get the gradient effect. Once completely dry, use a supershiny topcoat like Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat ($10), and there you have it! This manicure requires a lot of clean-up, so I'd suggest using a liquid latex tape ($9) designed for nail art to protect the cuticles.

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