"Labor Inducer" Burger Brings Pregnant Women To Restaurant!

A restaurant in Minnesota has a new stream of customers - pregnant women.

The Suburban in Excelsior, Minnesota says 1 to 3 pregnant ladies a day are visiting the restaurant to try the "Labor Inducer" Burger. 

The burger has gone viral over the last few weeks. The chef created a sandwich for a local competition. The sister of the restaurant's co-owner tried the burger. She was due in 9 days but 7 hours after eating the sandwich, she went into labor. Another child was born not too long after a different mother ate the burger.

The "Labor Inducer" has an Angus beef patty with honey-cured bacon, peach caramelized onions, spicy mustard and cajun remoulade on a pretzel bun. 

A little closer to home, there is a pizza chain in the Bay Area that does basically the same thing.

Skipolini's pizza has been offering the "prego pizza" to pregnant women for decades. Their success rate is quite high when it comes to women going into labor after eating one!

Jack and Carolyn talked to Jose who is the manager of the Concord Skipolini's! Listen below...

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