Chicago couple's smoky wedding photo at Sonoma County vineyard goes viral!

A Bay Area photographer named Karna Roa captured a dramatic photo of a bride and groom getting married in Kenwood on Saturday while the Kincade Fire burned just miles away.

The couple behind the masks are Katie and Curtis Ferland. The newlyweds, from Chicago, got married Saturday night at Chateau St. Jean vineyard in Sonoma County. The Kindcade Fire burned just miles away.

Katie and Curtis were expecting they'd have to cancel. First, they had to move to a hotel after their Airbnb lost power. Then they had to move their rehearsal dinner. And then, on Saturday, most of their vendors and staff were forced to evacuate. But, that didn't stop them.

Early Sunday morning after their wedding, Katie and Curtis - along with all of their guests - were forced to evacuate from the fire. They came to San Francisco and within hours someone broke into Katie's parent's car. Thousands of dollars of laptops, iPads and other merchandise from her family were stolen.

As you can imagine, Katie and Curtis say this photo is their lasting memory: A reminder of all the people who came together to make the most important day of their lives happen.

Jack and Carolyn talked to Karna about the photo and the experience. Listen below...


To see Karna's work, or to reach her directly, click here.

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